Easy Steps Installing till Refinish Wood Floor

Nowaday, there are so many ways creating the warm atmosphere in your house. You can install the yellowish ceiling light, paint the walls with warm tone color, or you can install the wood floor. The wood floor creates the harmony of nature. It makes your house more comfy. The wood material can be a good choice to avoid the monotone vibes in the element of your house. In the winter, wood floor makes your feet warmer rather than the ordinary floor made by ceramics.

So there are several steps that you can do in order installing the wood floor. The steps started from choosing material until the refinish wood floor. It is so easy bizzy!

Step 1: Choosing and Measuring

The first step is all about preparation. There are so many kinds of boards that you can use as the wood floor material. It depends on the color, size, and your own preferences. After that, starting measures the floor. Next is measuring the length and width of your room and the square footage. Don’t forget to order extra boards in case the cutting mistake or irregular boards happen. 

Step 2: Rechecking 

You need to recheck the sub-floor. The minimum requirement is ¾” from plywood sub-floor. Also, you need to make sure there is no squeak on the floor. If you find the squeak on the floor, try to screwing the long drywall screw into the sub-floor. Removing the shoe molding from the room and clean it.

Step 3: Installation 

Starting to install by set the longest unobstructed floor. Snap a chalk line 3/8” out from the base. This result would allow the expansion in the hot and humid weather. It is also a solution for the contraction in the colder and dry weather. Begin the installation by selecting the long board in the first row. Pick the straight one then align the edge of the board with the chalk line. Face-nail the entire row and keeping the board lengths random. After the first row have been installed, drill the pilot holes down into the tongue of each board. Then, hand-nail the rolls until there is no clearance for the pneumatic nail gun.

Step 4: Cutting and Filling

Cutting the baseboard by select a piece that will fit in there and leave 10-12” more to cut it off. Use the other piece to the next row. After all the rows setting up, filling the gap from each pieces. Make sure to always cutting the end of the wood. It will make easier way to not cut off the groove and the tongue. If there is no a narrow gap for the last board, take a measurement and ripped the last board to fit into place.

Step 5: Refinish Wood Floor

There are 3 types of the refinishing. The first one is polyurethane. This material comes in various degrees of the luster and a sort of plastic look. This type suits the dark or even yellow wood. Poly finish is excellent for high-traffic and high-moisture area. Secondly, Varnish which comes in a variety finishing look from matte to glossy. The last one is penetrating sealer. This offers a natural look that brings out the wood grain. Penetrating sealer offers good protection.Get home interior inspiration at /

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