6+ Minimalist Wood Desk Idea

Wooden tables have become popular since a minimalist lifestyle began to spread in various countries.

The shape is quite simple with straight lines and no curves.

This minimalist wood desk is not only suitable to the living room style, but also various rooms.

If you plan to use a wooden table, you should choose the one according to its use and type of room.

Minimalist Wood Desk Idea

1. Dining Table
wood desk and chair

The dining table often uses wood because it is lighter.

However, there are things you must pay attention to before choosing it.

Because it is used to support food, you must choose a strong type of wood.

Usually, the type of wood used is teak and mahogany because it is dense and strong.

Make sure you always clean the table after eating so that the dirt does not stick to the wood.

2. Coffee table

wood desk antique

Coffee tables made of wood will make your home look simple and minimalist.

This table often attracts attention because it is placed in the living room.

The various shapes range from iron-legged circles to all parts made of wood.

Choose a table with wood that is not easy to damp and absorbs dirt in liquid form. The coffee table model can be seen at

3. Workbench

wood desk accessories and organizers

To create a work station, a desk is very important.

Depending on how you work, the type of wood also determines its durability.

If you only put a few items such as paper, books and folders, you can use maple or pine wood.

But if it’s used to put a computer, choose wood that is quality like teak.

4. Terrace table

design a wood desk

The terrace table is not much different from the coffee table, but this table is placed outside the room.

For this reason, you need to pay attention to the quality.

Because exposed to outside air, the table will be more susceptible to being exposed to fungi or eaten by termites.

You also need to be diligent in maintaining the cleanliness of this table so that it is not easily worn and damaged.

5. Side table

make a wood desk

Side table is a versatile table.

Tables can be placed beside the bed, lemari pakaian, in the living room, or kitchen.

Because it is easy to move and only as an additional table, you should choose a small and light table.

Side tables are usually used to place important objects such as keys, photos and vases.

6. TV table

wood for desk

A TV table made of wood must be sturdy because it is used to support a television.

The bigger the sizes of the television, then you need a table that is large and strong.

Wood from teak or mahogany is the right choice.

This table is also often used to put DVD players and various types of tapes.

Based on its function, a minimalist wood desk is divided into several types.

Because of its popylarity, the design and price of it is various.

The stronger the type of wood used, the more expensive the price.

Before buying, adjust to your budget and its usefulness for your minimalist home.

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