Cool! Here are 14 types of musical instruments in East Kalimantan

East Kalimantan, which is on the eastern side of the island of Borneo, has quite interesting cultural diversity. One culture that should be known is in terms of music using local traditional musical instruments.

The East Kalimantan musical instruments are as follows, which consists of 14 types of instruments that save the uniqueness of the customs of local tribes.

Types of Musical Instruments in East Kalimantan and Their Use

1. Gambus

In fact, Gambus is a stringed musical instrument originating from the Middle East. This traditional musical instrument began to enter the archipelago when trading with East Tegah traders began, including for the region in East Kalimantan.

2. Sampek

The Sampek musical instrument is a lut equipped with 3 strings. In general, Sampek’s appearance becomes more attractive because the top is decorated with a hornbill head pattern. This tool is usually played as an accompaniment to traditional dances, traditional village clean ceremonies, and during harvest season celebrations.

3. Sluding (Klentengan)

Sluding is a musical instrument in the form of 6 small gongs, which are played by being hit using a wooden stick in the protruding part. Initially, this tool was made of light and strong wood. It’s just that, after the wood is hard to find, Sluding is now made of brass metal.

4. Ketipung

Ketipung is a traditional musical instrument from East Kalimantan, which is a small drum with a single head. This equipment is made of wood, rattan, and animal skin as a membrane. Generally, Ketipung is used as an accompaniment to the Zapin Dance which is a traditional dance of the Kutai Tribe, with the ensemble playing of tambourine, lute and violin musical instruments.

5. Lutong

Lutong musical instruments are included in the category of idiocordophones. This equipment is made using wood or bamboo, with strings totaling 4-6 pieces. This instrument is played by plucking, which is usually played by Dayak Kenyah women.

6. Jatung Adau

Jatung Adau is one of the membranophonic musical instruments belonging to the Dayak Kenyah tribe, which looks like a drum. This tool measures 250 cm long, 25 cm wide and 45 cm in diameter.

This equipment is made of wood, with a membrane made of deer or ox skin, and tied with rattan. Jatung Adau is commonly used to accompany traditional dances or as a sign for someone’s death, a sign of impending disaster, and a sign if a member of the tribe is seriously ill.

7. Jatung Utang

Jatung Utang is also a kind of drum music. When compared to Jatung Adau, this musical instrument is longer, about 3 meters in size, and about 50 cm in diameter. Jatung Utang is usually used to signal a special event, such as traditional rituals or regional dance.

8. Lulung

Lulung musical instruments belong to the type of stringed musical instrument, like a tube sitar, which is included in the category of idocordophone instruments. Lulung made of bamboo, with 6 strings made of bamboo tube shavings. Generally, this musical instrument is played by Dayak Kenyah women.

9. Genikng

Genikng is a gong-like musical instrument, which is unique to East Kalimantan. This tool is made in a circular shape, made of bronze, and has a protrusion in the middle. This musical instrument, usually used to accompany the implementation of traditional ceremonies and traditional dance arts, is played by beating.

10. Suliikng

The Suliikng musical instrument is made of bamboo, equipped with several tone holes. This tool is used by blowing it, while closing the tone holes alternately, to produce different tones. Usually, Suliikng is played a lot to accompany local traditional dances and ceremonies.

11. Tawek

Tawek is made of brass, with a diameter of 60 cm and a height of 20 cm. Tawek is usually used as a means of communication when giving announcements, or to gather residents. This instrument is played by being hit, like a gong.

12. Angkong

Angkong is a small gong-like musical instrument, about 40 cm in diameter and 8 cm high. Uniquely, this instrument is not to be played, but as a seat for aristocratic male parents.

13. Gemer

Gemer is a kind of drum musical instrument, which is made using wooden sticks. At both ends, this rod is perforated, then covered with animal skin as a clubbing membrane. Generally, Gemer is played by beating or beating, which accompanies various traditional rituals and local traditional dances.

14. Uding (Uring)

Udig is a striking musical instrument, which comes from East Kalimantan. This tool is made of wood, with a length of 20 cm and a diameter of 3 cm. To play it, a music player must hold Udin with 2 fingers, then put it in his open mouth. At the end, it is plucked with a finger, so that the blade vibrates and produces sound.


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