Besides Wallace, you need to know about 5 types of bees in Indonesia

Indonesia has a diverse geographical environment. This influences living things, including flora as well as fauna in Indonesia to adapt to their environment. Hence, numerous vegetations and also fauna are native to the island that only exist in specific areas. Among them is the Wallace bee which was located time ago in Maluku.

The cultivated forest bee as well as honey bee have various dimensions. Furthermore, the preference of the honey created will certainly be various. Apart from producing honey, can likewise be processed right into delicious food as well as aid cross-pollinate plants. Here are 5 kinds of in Indonesia.

1. Eastern Honey Bee (Apis cerana).

You should know with this type of bee. This is generally cultivated by honey farmers. Although it has the prospective to sting, it is not as aggressive as Apis dorsata. Its circulation in Indonesia consists of Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan and also Bali.

2. The Giant Honey Bee (Apis Dorsata).

This honey bee is commonly nicknamed the large bee, since it is larger than the Apis cerena honey bee. This bee is thought about to be one of the most productive in generating honey, but nobody has yet cultivated it. Because, Apis dorsata has an all-natural environment in the forest as well as its sting is quite unsafe.

Additionally, these can conquer if they feel endangered. Apis dorsata is discovered in tropical jungles such as Kalimantan as well as Sumatra.

3. Sulawesi local (Apis nigrocincta).

This bee has its very own attributes with a yellow shade on the clypeus or the reduced part of the face. The dimension is bigger than Apis cerana. Apis nigrocincta is widely distributed in Sulawesi and also the Mindanao Islands, Philippines.

4. Bees Klanceng (Trigona sp)

Besides Wallace, you need to recognize these 5 kinds of bees in Indonesia.
Klanceng or lanceng is a type of that is quite tiny contrasted to various other types, just 3-4 mm long. Additionally, these have no sting and generate less honey. Nonetheless, numerous cultivate it for honey and also propolis. Propolis serves for dealing with wounds and also appeal.

5. Black Dwarf Bee (Apis Andreniformis).

Among the smallest bees has a black shade with white red stripes on the abdominal area or body components. These bees usually make nests in the open such as on tree branches and shrubs. The circulation is in tropical as well as sub-tropical locations, consisting of Indonesia.

Well, a few of the types of bees over are fairly usual in Indonesia. However, do not confuse bee with wasp. Some bees are equally as big as wasps. The difference is, bees produce honey while wasps do not generate honey.

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