5 Tips for Processing Delicious and Sweet Caramel

Caramel is a dish made from caramelized sugar. Caramel has the characteristics of chocolate because the caramelization process, sweet taste, and slightly sticky texture consistency makes caramel taste different and delicious to consume and suitable for combination with many types of cakes.

Caramel is not consumed directly, but through a combination with various other additional dishes that are generally in the form of dessert or dessert. If the caramel is left too long then it will make the caramel hard and textured not good because the process lasts only a short time, it easily becomes hard because it is made of sugar. However, have you found out how to process caramel that is good and correct?

For those of you who are curious about how to properly process or cook caramel, see anything!

1.Choose the right cooking utensils


Cooking equipment is one of the most important things to pay attention to, this is because of course related to the cooking process of the caramel is indeed rather complicated but if you already understand it is not too difficult to do. Be sure to use a rather large sized pan because usually caramel will tend to boil when it’s hot and bring out the hot froth that you fear will hit your hands when you use a rather small pan.

2.Adjust caramel with needs


When cooking caramel, make sure to determine the dose first using the ingredients to make caramel, which is sugar, make sure to cook caramel according to your needs, in other words, it is neither deficient nor excessive so that it is right and exactly used. Make sure that all the caramel we use will be used properly and not too much so that it is not too much and becomes inedible because caramel is a complement to desserts or cakes.

3.Be sure to always monitor the color of the caramel during the cooking process


The cooking process of caramel must be continuously monitored so that the resulting color remains beautiful and does not burn on the bottom. Of course the use of caramel definitely wants a beautiful appearance with brown color and sweet taste when tasted. The color of caramel determines the maturity of caramel itself so we must carefully determine the time when we want to lift it.

4.Don’t forget to stir and smell the aroma


As before, caramel must continue through the stirring process to ripen evenly and not easily burn on the bottom so it is safe and delicious for consumption. We can also smell the aroma produced from caramel, making sure that caramel will smell fragrant and delicious in typical caramel, of course it doesn’t smell musty or burnt.

5.Stay careful when serving it


When you have confirmed that caramel is perfectly cooked, then the next thing is to move the caramel to a cooler place or directly process it into a topping or candy and other desserts. Be sure to be careful because caramel will feel very hot when exposed to the skin and do not leave it too long because the caramel will harden.

Well, the five tips for processing and cooking caramel above can be information for you to be more careful and able to make delicious and sweet caramel. What do you think?

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