3 Unique Ants Enters Indonesia

After previously explaining the meaning of ants as well as the realities, this time around we will certainly examine the kinds of ants that reside in Indonesia.

As we already recognize, some ant varieties reside in colonies sustained by a solitary queen while others are supported by several queens. Although there are about 23 well-known varieties of ants in Indonesia, there are several of one of the most common ones you typically locate around your residence or backyard.

Roughly what ants do you usually encounter in your setting? Allow’s have a look at one of the most full kinds of Indonesian ants listed below.

1. Black Ants (Ochetellus).

Black ants have a glossy appearance and real to their name, these ants are black. Black ants have to do with 2.5 to 3mm long.

Black ants have the exact same life cycle as ants generally. Originally the larvae hatch out of the eggs as a soft, white bug that has a big sufficient head or supposed grub. These grubs are fed by adult ants.

Ant larvae are formed like a cocoon and also appear white or cream in color, looking similar to grown-up ants. Often the larvae have silk cocoons which serve as security around them. Grown-up ants appear with 3 defined body components, specifically the head, chest and abdominal area.

The size of time in between the egg stage as well as getting to the grown-up ant can take 6 weeks or even more depending upon various elements such as the ant varieties, temperature level and food schedule. Fed eggs will certainly turn into women ants, for those that are infertile will develop into men.

These black ants are thought about an annoyance and also thief for food in kitchens, trash bin as well as pet waste, therefore potentially spreading out conditions such as salmonella. One of the most reliable way to regulate black ants is to discover colonies and drive them away.

2. Ghost ants (Tapinoma melanocephalum).

Ghost ants have a transparent appearance with pale legs and also tummies. Ghost ants additionally show up 16mm in size.

Ghost ants have a colony-like life cycle that remains to duplicate and a routine of consuming pleasant and oily materials.

Ghost ants typically nest in small areas or in wall surface gaps. When outdoors, they usually nest in flowerpots, under objects in the ground, and also under bark.

Ghost ants are brought in to areas of high moisture that are usually found in kitchen and bathroom cupboards. One ghost ant nest can occupy several different nests.

3. Fire ants (Solenopsis spp).

Fire ants or those with the Latin name Solenopsis spp have a queen size of concerning 5-8 centimeters, far various from the size of their employees which are just about 1.4-1.8 centimeters.

Fire ants appear copper and brownish on their heads and bodies, with a darker belly color.

Fire ants have a very unique two-segmented antenna, which is most noticeable on the front body of the women ant.

Fire ants live in a rather distinct cycle. For instance, after abounding the nest as well as breeding, the queen ant looks for an appropriate area to lay eggs. As soon as discovered, a queen ant can injure to 125 eggs ideally.

Fire ant larvae can hatch within 8 to 10 days, and also the pupal phase lasts 9 to 16 days.

The fire ant larvae prey on secretions from the queen’s salivary glands as well as break down the wing muscle mass up until the first employee ants show up.

After the larvae turn into employee ants, the queen’s duty returns to normal, particularly laying eggs. Queen ants can lay up to 1500 eggs daily.

Employee ants have brand-new tasks such as taking care of larvae, constructing nests and foraging for food. The fertile male ants are created late in the period.

Worker fire ants forage for food from dead pets, including bugs, earthworms, as well as vertebrates. These worker ants likewise accumulate honey as well as leaves for a pleasant food that is high in healthy protein and also fat.

The place of a fire ant nest can be in the form of a mound of earth up to 40 cm or in any type of item located stored near the ground degree.

Fire ants can react aggressively and also can trigger a painful sting, leading to an itchy bump about 48 hrs later.

These fire ants are pests in farming as well as growth. They can damage plants and also attack houses both outdoors as well as indoors.

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